This page provides you with various resources and lot of information. The Newsletter is now available online. View this from the link on the home page. The possibility of posting our student prospecturs and brochures is being explored so as to avail these resources easily. If you wish to receive the newsletter via email, please send us your email (address on the contacts page) In the meantime, you will find LINKS to all our major Institutions below.

Educational Opportunity for Kenyans
If you have completed Primary School (Kenyan Syllabus), are aged below 21 years and wish to gain useful Technical expertise then come and join TAQWA TECHNICAL CENTRE. Current trades being taught are "Motor vehicle Mechanics" and "ElectricalWiring".
If you are looking for a good Secondary School offering quality education, come to DARUL ULUM SECONDARY SCHOOL situated in Likoni division in Mombasa.
Both the above institutions offer boarding facilities for boys. Limited sponsorships available for needy students subject to meeting the criteria specified. Click here to read about Education in Islam

Please Donate Generously
JTQ relies on well-wishers to provide the funds which help run and or subsidise the various institutions and projects. Being an Islamic Charity, we recognise that Muslims wish to channel their Saddaqah and Zakat through us to the needy and less fortunate members of society. We ensure that we maintain the funds for Zakat and Saddaqah in separate accounts. The funds are utilised strictly in accordance to the Islamic Jurisprudence. We mostly operate in financial hardship areas and with less fortunate members so every penny we get is very much appreciated and put to the best use possible. Click here to know more about Zakat

Indeed the men who give as sadaqah and the women who give as sadaqah (all of them) are lending a goodly loan to Allah; the return for them will be increased; and for them shall be an exquisite reward. (Al-Hadeed:18)

Links to our Major Institutions

Please visit the webpage of the institutions below by clicking on the name

The Tahfidh Quran (Holy Quran Memorization School) in Likoni

The Taqwa Technical Centre at Mazeras

The Darul Ulum Secondary School in Likoni.

Calling Volunteers
JTQ is organised in a three tier system. The volunteers who form the membership of the organisation, the administrative staff and the teaching and subordinate staff. If you wish to volunteer your services, time, funds and effort, towards assisting needy persons and offering educational opportunities then contact us.

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