It is a matter of pride and joy that in June 2005, the Taqwa technical Center has been selected as a formal examining center by the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources

The Taqwa Technical Centre

This is a Technical Training Institute, situated at Somali Village, some 25 kilometers out of Mombasa, past Mazeras on the Main Mombasa-Nairobi highway The centre has been built with the kind and generous donations from various philanthropists and well-wishers. The first phase of the Center saw the completion of the Grand Mosque in 1983 and the completion of the Madrassah and the Nursery Schools in 1985. The first phase of this project was completed by 1987, an year in which the first intake of the Technical students was made. By this time only six workshops were ready.

By 1994, the additional workshops and facilities were ready and hence 1994 was the first year of full operation for the center. The complex is now made up of the Mosque, Maddrassah, Nursery School, ten workshops for technical learning, two dormitory blocks, a dinning hall with kitchen, two class rooms, administration office block and staff housing facility.

Since the center began its training program, almost a thousand students have qualified with the grade test III and are responsible members of the community in every part of Kenya.  



Taqwa technical Center offers affordable technical training which currently leads to qualification as technicians under the Trade Test scheme set up by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

The institute currently offers the following courses: (leading to the Grade Test III certificate)

Motor vehicle Mechanics, Electrical & Wiring, Carpentry & Joinery.

Dressmaking & Tailoring (for Girls only No boarding facility)

Alongside technical training, the students are offered free religious training which includes the following curriculum:- The Holy Quran, The hadith and Sunnah of the Prophet (S.A.W), History of the Prophet (S.A.W), Islamic Creed, Tafsir, Jurisprudence, Ethics and Basic Arabic

Apart from Technical and Religious training, the programme aims to instill discipline, good moral values and responsibility in the students. This is achieved by a series of Lectures, counseling and field trips. The aim is to have a qualified student who would have learnt the good moral and religious qualities with which he would be able to become an exemplary member of his community.


Primary and Secondary School leavers who wish to gain technical training. These are basic technical training courses meant for those who wish to become apprentices (skilled workers) in various technical fields which involves knowledge as well as the practical skills to carry out tasks.


Maximum Boarding Capacity 80 students (Male students only) Age group 14 21 for Boarding Class capacity: Maximum capacity - 25 students per class, Optimum capacity - 20 students per class


Total eleven months program, broken down into a Six months program based at Taqwa, followed by an internal mock exam. Thereafter a two month attachment followed by a two month review at Taqwa followed by sitting for Trade Test Examination conducted by the Ministry in the eleventh month.


A qualified Principal runs the institution along with a team of selected tutors. The principal along with at least two of the teaching staff are residents at the complex thus giving the much needed close supervision. Since the beginning of the year 2003, a major change in the manner in which the institution is managed was made. The overall Management of the institution is vested into a board of governors that is primarily composed of members of the Jami Iyatu taalimil Quran. They report to the executive committee of the JTQ.


Every dormitory is equipped with fire exits and the center is equipped with firefighting equipment. As part of the program, the students are taught basic safety issues which are very important especially in the technical trade. An introductory first Aid course is being considered as part of the program.


             Advance in chosen career for e.g. Grade II, I and Diploma courses etc

             Become Self-employed or secure a job in the Industry


The fees charged are very nominal simply because the Institution is non-profit making. It exists to provide a unique opportunity by availing affordable technical training so as to empower and enable the students take charge of their lives. By creating educational enrichnment in Society, it is our hope that we shall be eradicating poverty.

"If you give a fish to Man, you feed him for a day, but if you teach the Man to fish, you feed him for life"

The Current course fee structure (Valid for intake of year 2013 onwards) is as follows:-

Admission Fee KES 1,000/= (8 Euros), Repair & Maintenance Fee KES 2,000/= (18 Euros), Exam Fee KES 2,500/= (22 Euros),Tuition Fees KES 25,000/= (220 Euros), Boarding fees KES 20,000/= (180 Euros) i.e. a Total of KES 50,500/= (Euros 440) for the entire course. (About ONE and a HALF EUROS per day)


We receive appeals each year for students who wish to join the centre but are unable to afford the fees. Many of these students are Orphans and or come from very poor families. We are therefore urging you to SPONSOR the child. Our average intake of needy students is some fifty out of the capacity for eighty students.

Kindly let us know how many students you wish to sponsor and we shall advise you as soon as our interviews are concluded. We carry out a very extensive interview session to ascertain that only the truly needful benefit.

You may also send in a contribution on Monthly, quarterly or annual basis towards the running of the centre. The current annual running cost of the centre averages KES 2.5Million (Approx. Euros 22,000) being Teachers salaries, maintenance and Hostel facility. The centre is also in need of urgent renovation and we appeal to you to come forward in this regard as well.

REMEMBER, when you educate a child, its truly the best GIFT that you can give.


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